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What do I offer?

In short: Your training will be highly individual and personalized.

Whichever activity, quantity as well as intensity of the workout will depend on the client’s aims and expectations. It can range from single lessons being intense and demanding – physically and emotionally – to sample lessons that provide ideas for clients doing their workout on their own. You can either book a specific package of lessons or else make a more open-ended commitment.

My job

Ideally, after a while, my clients learn how to integrate ‘sport and movement’ in their own everyday life. I accompany them until they can do it on their own. Also, we can work together on a personal training schedule!

The main thing about this work is developing a helpful and supportive relationship. Physical work is quite personal and I suggest that we talk on the phone and then meet so that we can determine your needs. It is important that you get a good sense of what I have to offer you so that we can get to know the best ways for us to work together.

My experience is your benefit

Recently, I have been exploring ways of building up fitness and muscle at an ‘advanced’ age, or after a longer phase of having done little or no exercise. So this is now my speciality. It takes time and patience – but it is satisfying to see how your body can change and adapt, and to see the effect of new ways that your body can move! Imagine feeling more positive about looking at your body in the mirror! And such positive effects can give you much more energy!

This is what I would like all my clients to experience.


Activities that I offer

  • Box-fitness: at home/in your office/in the park
  • Jogging: near where you live or work
  • Swimming: in your local swimming pool
  • Weight training: at home/in your office/in the park/in a fitness studio


Viktoriapark Kreuzberg


with Dog ‘Gina’

Treptower Park

Who am I? – How did it begin?

My Training Background and Sports Experience

First of all, I come from Southern Germany and trained in London, England. I went to an all-women’s college and I did my teacher training course in Physical Education. I then worked for three years as a P.E. Teacher in South East London, in an all-girls state-school.

In 1989, I moved to Berlin and went back to university to study English.

In my youth, I was a successful athlete, and became ‘Allgäuer Meisterin’ in sprinting – 100m. I also did a lot of skiing.

Apart from the sports pedagogy (Movement Studies, Science of Coaching, Sport Psychology, Sport Sociology) and practical physical education training that I received during my college studies (ranging from Modern Educational Dance to Games like: Hockey, Netball, Tennis and other Individual Sports), sports have always played a big role in my life.

In Berlin, I did a lot of Martial Arts. I was trained by a Karate Master and won the world championship title in Kickboxing in 2000.
While I was working for competitions, I also was a group coach in Fitness and Kickboxing – Currently I coach an all-women’s group.


Since 1999 I have been working in a collective school in Kreuzberg. In this school, we practice and strongly believe in the self-government of students. We prepare and work with students for the external exam: ‘Abitur + MSA’. I teach English classes for oral and written exam preparation.


Martina Brönner – former world champion in kick boxing

This is important to me

There were times when I would have appreciated the help offered by a Personal Trainer myself, because I remember this all-round feeling of well-being. Motivation plays a big role in my work.

I like to talk about how clients feel, before and especially after exercising, e.g. do you have muscle pain, where, how strong is it? I always have people’s safety in mind so that there is a balance between challenge and appropriate limits. It also gives you a chance to share any anxieties that exercise might have brought up for you.

Sport and fitness needs to be part of one’s life and can also be done in your neighbourhood! Enjoying nature while becoming fit, even in a city like Berlin, is also possible – and this is part of my approach.

Therefore I developed the following 7 principles for successful training!


My 7 principles



  • to create an understanding of the importance and the joy of physical activity
  • to equip the client with an experience of a variety of different sporting activities, in everyday life and in their work and/or home surroundings

Body Awareness

  • to integrate an awareness of movement and/or vigorous physical activity into daily routine and lifestyle


  • to equip the client with the knowledge of a well-balanced and varied movement routine that serves the client’s personal goals
  • to create training and movement situations that are healthy and safe


  • guidance in finding methods for an self-guided fitnesstraining
  • self-motivation and joy
  • to help in working out a personal schedule

Building up Muscles

  • to offer insight into physiological principles and provide a possible realization of expectations
  • to provide the client with a variety of possible exercises that serve realistic expectations
Body Shaping

Effective Bodyshaping

  • to shape the client’s understanding and practical knowledge of how to exercise and how much exercise needs to be done

Losing Weight

  • to guide the client by establishing a healthy and manageable schedule

Prices and conditions

Paying conditions

  • payment in advance
  • 24h cancellation only possible with confirmation of the cancellation
  • 10 min. waiting time included, no further bookings possible if missed lesseon has not been paid

I offer a 30% price reduction on one single lesson, for a successful recommendation of a new client!

Price table

First individual consultation0.- €
single lesson90,- €
double lesson170.- €
monthly flatrate480,- €

individual packages are also possible!

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First contact for individual appointment or consultation by phone or email! After that, I can be booked with a simple text message or a phonecall on my mobile phone! However, bookings always require a confirmation!

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